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Having bad credit can prevent you from getting hired.
09 March 2017

One in seven job applicants are turned down due to having bad credit based on a new survey from a nonprofit advocacy group, Demos. Many employers commonly review a debtor’s credit history when screening potential applicants. This practice is permitted under the Fair Credit Reporting Act as long as permission is obtained. Some applicants even become dissuaded from applying knowing their credit will be pulled due to negative credit history. Employers find justification in doing this because negative credit items could suggest irresponsible financial habits that may causes distractions, such as collection calls to employers or wage garnishments.

The answer is simple: the applicant/debtor should make all attempts to restore his/her credit.

Typically, two rectify outstanding debts damaging your credit, a debtor should either (1) pay/settle the debt or (2) file bankruptcy to discharge the looming debt in full.

Most debtors do not have the cash reserves to pay off a delinquent debt or settle it. Most settlements require a debtor to pay large lump sums. A debtor than will receive a 1099 at the end of the year for the settlement portion that was written off in which they believe they saved.

The alternate is to simply file bankruptcy and eliminate all your debt at once. The debt is eliminated and your credit begins to restore. A bankruptcy typically takes 4-5 months.

When filing for bankruptcy, or considering to do so, be sure to contact a skilled bankruptcy attorney. The bankruptcy field has countless deadlines and requirements to be fulfilled. It also requires the expertise of a skilled bankruptcy attorney to ensure all your debts are discharged and your assets are protected. Contact bankruptcy attorney, Gregory Nassar, to schedule you free consultation and begin restoring your credit.

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