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Can I Begin Applying for Credit Cards After Bankruptcy? YES.
27 February 2017

Yes. In fact doing so is encouraged since it will help rebuild a debtor’s credit. Following the filing of a chapter 7 bankruptcy, the debtor is deemed debt free and, if employed, the debtor’s debt to income ratio turns in favor of the debtor. Therefore a debtor’s credit score will typically increase greatly. Seeing the changes, creditors will than begin soliciting credit offers to the debtor pre-discharge or post-discharge.

It is important to note that this all debt incurred after filing of the petition is not discharged in the bankruptcy discharge. Thus, a debtor must be responsible with the new credit lines afforded to the debtor.

Rebuilding a credit score is cmmon and always desired by Chapter 7 bankruptcy clients. Managing the new credit line(s) is/are crucial. Feel free to contact my office to make an appointment to discuss your bankruptcy concerns. I make it my goal to provide each client the dedicated time and experience for his/her bankruptcy concerns.

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