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Can My Attorney File My Petition Before I have Paid for All Legal Services? Yes.
06 January 2017

My practice has always revolved on a good faith basis with clients. In a time when a client has little remaining assets and needs to file bankruptcy in order to start fresh, I am able to accept partial payment in order to begin my legal services and also file the petition. The remaining payments for my legal services can be structured in an amicable way for the Client and myself. By doing so, the Client is able to stop attempting to pay creditors and focus on using the saved funds to restructure his/her finances.

Many other attorneys require full payment prior to filing the bankruptcy petition for a client. For a client, this can take several months. Since each client must qualify for filing at the time the petition is to be filed, waiting several months to file the petition may lead to a client being unable to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy due to changed circumstances (increased income; decreased expenses, etc.) Thus, an advantage of filing as soon as possible is the client will be able to immediately assess their financial situation and file knowing they qualify.

Filing for bankruptcy is an important step and a powerful tool to restore ones financial track in a positive direction. Due to the complexities of filing for bankruptcy it is always highly advised to select a qualified attorney who is experienced in bankruptcy law to represent the debtor. Feel free to contact my office to make an appointment to discuss your bankruptcy concerns. I make it my goal to provide each client the dedicated time and experience for his/her bankruptcy concerns. Contact my firm today if you would like to get started on your bankruptcy case.

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