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The importance of good communication
23 November 2016

Having a complete understanding of a client’s financial situation and goals are crucial when representing a client in a bankruptcy filing. Gaining a complete understanding requires great communication between the client and the attorney. The client must be able to comfortable disclose all relevant information and have an understanding as to the process. A client who fails to reveal relevant information may lead to problems with the bankruptcy filing.

For example, one common problem I have seen other debtors experience occurs when a client fails to disclose all assets during the preparation of the case. Often time debtors are worried about disclosing an asset in fear of having it listed in the bankruptcy. However failing to do so invites serious civil and criminal ramifications. It is rare I come across a situation where I am unable to protect certain assets during the bankruptcy process. Thus, it is important the client reveals all assets.

I pride myself in providing excellent communication and exclusive interpersonal client support, which I believe is what separates my services from others. I believe direct and immediate contact, along with personal knowledge of each client’s case, is crucial to the success of my legal representation to my clients. Therefore, I strive to always be easily accessible with all clients and afford every client the time necessary to aggressively provide effective legal representation. In sum, excellent communication helps the client feel more comfortable and cooperative.

Due to the complexities of filing for bankruptcy it is always highly advised to select a qualified attorney who is experienced in bankruptcy law to represent the debtor. Feel free to contact my office to make an appointment to discuss your bankruptcy concerns. I make it my goal to provide each client the dedicated time and experience for his/her bankruptcy concerns.

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