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Does my employer need to know I filed for bankruptcy?
12 July 2016

No. Generally, a debtor’s employer does not need to be notified in a bankruptcy proceeding. However, there are a few occasions in which a debtor may be required to obtain pay roll stubs from his employer or prevent a wage garnishment. If so, the debtor should notify his employer’s payroll department with notice of the bankruptcy filing to obtain such pay roll stubs or to stop any wage garnishments.

On another note, wage garnishments alone may place the employee/debtor in an unfavorable position with the employer. Thus, proper planning should be made to file for bankruptcy if you believe your wages may soon be garnished.

Filing for bankruptcy is a complex process and requires proper planning to determine whether it is best for you. Thus, it is crucial that you select a highly skilled bankruptcy attorney. I make it my goal to provide each client the dedicated time and experience to assist the client with his/her bankruptcy.

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