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Do I have to go to court if I file bankruptcy?
22 July 2014

Do I have to go to Court if I file bankruptcy? Yes. If you are filing bankruptcy for yourself personally, a court appearance known as the “341 Creditor Hearing” is calendared and your appearance is required. Of course, exceptions do apply (below). (A) Scheduling and Location of the 341 Creditor Hearing The Bankruptcy Court in […]

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Will filing for bankruptcy improve my credit score in the long run?
11 July 2014

Credit scores and bankruptcy. Will filing for bankruptcy improve my credit score in the long run? YES, filing for bankruptcy generally does improve one’s credit score. Many clients are surprised to hear this. There are a few reasons why this occurs. First of all, typically, your credit score will NOT increase until derogatory marks are […]

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Bankruptcy and Chapter 7 La Palma is not a Piece of Cake
02 July 2014

It seems that every day we hear about some person or company who has applied for bankruptcy and this can give the impression that this is something which is easy to do. The truth is that yes applying for bankruptcy is common but it is no piece of cake and any attorney legal will tell […]

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