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An Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney La Puente Will not be the Cheapest
23 April 2014

We know that experience and wisdom come at a cost, in whatever terms, but remember that these things are well worth having. In terms of the law you will find that there are many new young lawyers setting up business as a lawyer bankruptcy La Puente, and other places, but these young guns do have the necessary expertise in filing bankruptcy La Puente, or wherever.

If you are looking to file bankruptcy La Puente you need an experienced bankruptcy attorney La Puente, such as Nassar Law to help you. There is more than one good bankruptcy attorney La Puente but keep in mind that there are also quite a fair number of rogue ones too. These will not be honest with you and will push for you to continue filing for bankruptcy La Puente without informing you of the disadvantages.

Benefits and disadvantages of bankruptcy

While filing bankruptcy La Puente, and everywhere else too, offers a number of advantages to cash-strapped individuals and businesses, it isn’t a process that can be taken lightly. While there are some benefits to filing for bankruptcy, there are also numerous disadvantages. The most damning aspect is that it ruins the debtor’s credit. For up to 10 years after the filing, anyone requesting a credit report on the debtor will be informed of the bankruptcy. This can have long-lasting effects on the ability to buy a car or home, obtain a credit card or get a loan.

However, as filing for bankruptcy La Puente, and elsewhere, has become more common in recent years, many creditors are no longer immediately disqualifying someone because of their past history, and only use bankruptcy as one aspect in their decision-making process. Another negative to filing for bankruptcy, specifically under Chapter 7 provisions, is that the debtor may lose some or all of their property. If the property is not exempt, it will be sold and used to pay off the outstanding debts.

Additionally, after filing for bankruptcy, debtors are prohibited from taking on a management role with a limited liability company – and it can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in legal and court fees, depending on how long the process lasts. Finally, the embarrassment of having to file for bankruptcy often leaves debtors emotionally scarred. As an overall statement, people who will benefit from going bankrupt without feeling too much effect on your everyday life is a person with no assets, living in rented accommodation, parents or no equity in your property and if you are not in a profession excluded from bankruptcy.

If you decide that you wish to file bankruptcy La Puente then just make sure you arm yourself with as much information as possible before you proceed. The second step is to find an experienced bankruptcy attorney La Puente, such as Nassar Law, to help you with the case. The more expertise and experience an attorney has, the higher the fees will be. This makes sense and at least you know that the expense will be worth it in the end.

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