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Can I strip/do a lien strip on my second mortgage?
26 February 2013

A lien strip allows a debtor to convert a secured debt (i.e., a second mortgage for purposes of this blog) into an unsecured lien and, thus, file to “strip” or discharge the lien. In our current economy, most everyone would like to do a lien strip on their property as the real estate market has […]

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Can I be exempt from taking a credit counseling course prior to filing for individual bankruptcy?
07 February 2013

In general, most debtors must complete both a pre-petition credit counseling course and a post-petition financial management course. These courses can be done online or by telephone and are relatively inexpensive and only takes approximately an hour of time per course. However, there are a few exceptions to the credit counseling requirement for some debtors. […]

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