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What if I cannot find my social security card when preparing to file for bankruptcy?
15 October 2011

I have encountered countless situations where the debtor was unable to locate his/her social security card when meeting to file for bankruptcy. After all, a large percentage of individuals lose or misplace this document at some point in their lives and never obtain a duplicate since it is rarely used, except in employment situations.

Fortunately, the Central District Court seems to be understanding and has allowed alternate forms of documentation to verify a debtor’s social security number and identity. Such forms include: a debtor’s W2′s, most recent filed taxes, and a pay stub containing debtor’s social security number and identifying information.

An alternate method is to go to your local Social Security Administration office and obtain a Verification of Social Security. This document will suffice to establish your social security validation requirement and will act as your temporary social security card until your duplicate card arrives.

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