Top 10 Questions & Answers – Houston, TX Personal Injury Lawsuit Cases

You are probably reading this page because you may have been in an accident that will likely lead to, or already has proceeded to a personal injury lawsuit. In either case, the information you are about to read will hopefully answer questions many people like yourself have had about the legal process on personal injury cases in the Houston, TX area.

These questions and answers are meant to inform you about the personal injury legal process and at the same time explain how all the involved parties will likely handle the case.

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Q: After my injury what are the most important things that I should do?

A: After your injury you should ensure that you recover first. It is important that after being injured you should mitigate the damages by doing all you can to improve the physical condition of your health. Consequently, you should seek the right treatment and lead a lifestyle that will help you recover within the shortest time possible.

Q: How will the lawyer I choose handle the case?

A: Your lawyer will either talk to you on the phone or meet with you, and then proceed to investigate your claim. To do the investigation properly your lawyer will review the report of the police, (Attorney Gregory Nassar used to be in law enforcement, so he can catch very important things other attorneys often miss), review the statements of the witnesses, visit the crime scene if possible, review the current laws and review the medical reports. Reviewing these reports and visiting the crime seen will help the lawyer know how to handle the case and the facts to apply during your negotiations.

Q: How will the payment to the lawyer be made and the explanation of a contingent fee agreement?

A: The lawyers will most likely keep a percentage of the compensation you will be awarded after the case is concluded. You are required to sign a contingent agreement before the case starts which is a contract showing the percentage you have agreed with your lawyer. The percentage you have agreed will not change regardless of the amount awarded in the settlement. This is primarily meant to avoid misunderstanding after the case has been concluded.

Q: How do I make the insurance company believe that the claim is valid?

A: Trying to recover within the shortest time possible is one way of convincing the insurance company since many of these companies often believe someone who is working hard to recover. You should also ensure you have valid medical reports, truthful information about the wage you have lost, and the medical bills. All these documents should be up to date and accurate so as not to cause confusion while dealing with the case.

Q: When will the case be settled?

A: The time varies with some Houston, TX personal injury cases taking just months and in some cases taking years to conclude. If the parties involved take a short time to agree the case will take a relatively shorter time. But if there a lot of disagreements the case will take longer with the parties involved trying to sort out the differences.

Q: What is the worth of my case?

A: The value of your case can only be ascertained after all the details have been collected. Different factors will also play a role in determining the value of your case. Some of these factors include the total amount spent in getting medical treatment, the amount you have lost in wages, and benefits because of the injury and whether you have permanent injuries. The permanent injuries include scars and blemishes which cannot be reversed medically or otherwise.

Q: How much time will it take to get the money after my lawyer and the insurance company have agreed on a settlement?

A: It takes between 2 and 6 weeks for the settlement process to be completed after the suitable agreement has been reached. On average the least time it can take for you to receive the money is one month after all the documents have been received. But the cases that take a month are exceptional and are the ones that all parties agree quickly and all the documents are signed without disputes.

Q: What needs to be completed before getting the money I have been awarded in the settlement?

A: The first thing is that you or together with your spouse will have to sign a release clause as required. You will also have to agree that you will not have the suing rights against the company, persons or person who caused the injuries. After agreeing on this the company will release a certain percentage of the amount you are entitled to. This will be followed by your lawyer paying any unpaid medical bills. In some circumstances the lawyer might also be needed to reimburse all insurance companies that had paid some of any medical bills. After this your Houston, TX personal injury attorney will then deduct his percentage of the settlement, out of pocket expenditures plus other expenses which are related to the claim. When all deductions are made you shall receive a check from the office of your attorney and this check will be a payment of the remaining percentage of the settlement. The check comes from the lawyer’s office because the lawyer is the one who receives the money from the insurance company as your representative.

Q: What are the things that can make my case go to litigation?

A: Some of the factors that can make your case go to litigation include; when that insurance provider believes that together with your personal injury lawyer you are asking for a higher amount than the company is willing to pay without being forced, when the company believes that you or other parties have a certain responsibility of the injury you suffered from, the insurance provider believing that you were not injured or you were not injured as seriously as you claim. In such situations the case will take longer as the parties involved tries to ascertain everything claimed.

Q: Which lawyers will provide a free evaluation of the claim when I need legal assistance?

A: Lawsuits involving injuries and accidents are often times very complex for they require ample knowledge of the negligence law, properly documented medical evidence and expert testimony. So as to make sure that the particular case is prepared well you need to look for a lawyer who has enough experience law of personal injuries. You can readily benefit from a free claim evaluation from a Houston, Texas personal injury attorney specialist, such as Attorney Gregory Nassar. It is highly important to make sure that the lawyer you choose is competent and has been licensed to operate as a Houston, TX personal injury attorney.

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