Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents – Claims And Lawsuits

In California, there are nearly 800,000 registered motorcycles, more than any state in the US, making the number of motorcycle accidents much greater than one would expect. Injuries arising from motorcycle accidents are usually severe due to the nature of riding such vehicle. Such common injuries include: spinal cord injuries; broken ribs, arms, or wrists; severe road rash; brain injuries (traumatic brain injuries- “TBI”); and other soft tissue and orthopedic injuries.

Due to the nature of riding a motorcycle and accepting the risk of sustaining severe injuries, the perception of motorcycle riders by non-motorcycle riders is not favorable and often perceived as reckless. Usually, motorcycle riders are blamed for their own injuries or causing the accident themselves based on this stereo-type. Therefore, it is crucial you retain an attorney that highly experienced in motorcycle accidents. At Nassar Law, attorney Gregory E Nassar, Esq., has over 11 years’ experience in personal injury motorcycle collisions. Gregory E Nassar, Esq., has successfully achieved numerous motorcycle accident cases over the years. Gregory E. Nassar, Esq. also has over ten years’ experience as a law enforcement officer, allowing a much better understanding of traffic laws and motorcycle/vehicular accidents.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, do not wait to hire an attorney. Nassar Law, PLLC, works on a contingency basis, meaning we are only paid a percentage of your claim or settlement. Immediately contact Nassar Law, PLLC for a free case evaluation from a motorcycle attorney you can rely and trust.