Are Tax Returns Required When I File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Yes, generally tax returns are required. Most trustees will ask for two (2) years of tax returns for individual and joint debtors. Debtor(s) that own sole proprietorships/businesses may be requested to produce up to four (4) years of tax returns.

For some debtor(s) who have had no income for the years prior to the bankruptcy and who have not filed tax returns for the years they received no reportable income may produce the most recent tax return the debtor has filed, even if it is a few years prior.

I always recommend debtor(s) to file their most recent tax return, even if no reportable income exists, prior to filing for bankruptcy, as additional verification that no reportable income exists.

For Chapter 13 clients, generally debtor(s) are required to file their four (4) most recent tax returns prior to filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Providing verifications and tax returns to support and fulfill verification duties required when filing for bankruptcy relief is complicated and comprised of deadlines. Only an experienced bankruptcy attorney should handle such issues. Please contact our office to schedule to obtain the experienced assistance of attorney, Gregory E. Nassar.