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Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents – Claims and Lawsuits
01 October 2017

In California, there are nearly 800,000 registered motorcycles, more than any state in the US, making the number of motorcycle accidents much greater than one would expect. Injuries arising from motorcycle accidents are usually severe due to the nature of riding such vehicle. […]

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Workers Affected By Loss Of Unemployment Benefits And The New Potential To File Bankruptcy
28 June 2017

Approximately 2 million persons are to lose unemployment insurance benefits by January 1, 2014 due to the end of the federal extended benefits programs. Typically, unemployment benefits last 26 weeks without the federal extensions, which are coming to an end. For many, the weekly unemployment benefits are what kept persons/debtors sustaining check-to-check. However, due to […]

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How soon can I begin applying for credit cards after filing for bankruptcy?
17 June 2017

I have been approached with this question on a few occasions while serving those within the City of Anaheim. To answer in short: Credit card debt is normally discharged in bankruptcy regardless of the amount. The discharge wipes out your liability as a debtor. However, if a debtor intentionally incurs liability with the intent of […]

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Can I Max-Out/Run Up/Use My Credit Card Before I File Bankruptcy?
18 May 2015

As a bankruptcy attorney serving the City of Whittier, this question is commonly asked. To some, it seems odd. Why would a debtor who just filed bankruptcy ask when they could begin applying for more credit cards? The answer is simple: A debtor should apply for credit cards and begin reestablishing their credit. However, applying […]

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Is My Personal Injury Settlement Exempt/Protected During A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
09 May 2015

Is my personal injury settlement exempt/protected during a Chapter 7 bankruptcy? In short: In California, pursuant to the Code of Civil Procedure, debtors can select one of two exemption systems (703 and 704). Under 703, a debtor is entitled to protect a “wild card” amount of approximately $23,250 (703.140(b)(5) and additional amount of $22,075 (703.140(b)(11)(D)(E) […]

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Can I Move After The Bankruptcy Petition Is Filed? YES
16 April 2017

A bankruptcy petition is filed where the debtor currently resides on the date of the petition. The type of exemptions (protections afforded to debtors to protect a debtor’s assets) will depend on the state of residence. Thus, it may be beneficial at times for the debtor to wait to file until the debtor has moved to the new location.[…]

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Having Bad Credit Can Prevent You From Getting Hired.
09 March 2017

One in seven job applicants are turned down due to having bad credit based on a new survey from a nonprofit advocacy group, Demos. Many employers commonly review a debtor’s credit history when screening potential applicants. […]

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